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Road Trip - Oregon Vortex {field trip}

Due to a death in the family, we found ourselves taking an unexpected road trip.  We chose to make the best of the situation and in between the hours and hours and hours and more hours in the car, we stopped and took some field trips.  I loved the drive!  There was so much beauty to be seen, but more importantly, I was whispering praises.  We were together as a family!  We had to really plan our routes carefully to avoid any elevation above 5,000 feet because of my ear pressure, but allowed God to unfold the plans along the way.

Hotel #1 - unfortunately this hotel was not our favorite stay.  The hotel was beautiful, but the service was quite a disappointment and we had the noisiest people above us.  After a long days drive, it was not the way we hoped to find rest.  I'm choosing to remember the fun the girls had and the very nice, large suite we were blessed in our very tight budget.


We continued the journey and our first field trip was off the traveled path to the Oregon Vortex where we met up with a family friend from my elementary days of childhood.  The Oregon Vortex is mysterious.  They say there are no "tricks" here, but it was a strange place.  It had odd sounds, or lack of sounds at times - like no birds chirping, and my ear pressure was not happy and left me feeling very off balance and nauseous.   Everything was crookedly level.   It was an interesting field trip that left us with more questions than answers.


We were exhausted and headed back to Hotel #2 and got In-N-Out burgers!!   We enjoyed an evening with indoor swimming and a game of dominoes.  I lost!

. . . and our road trip continues.

52 lists - random / quirky things about me

Week #34

List random / quirky things about yourself

This list had me thinking all week long. I'm really looking forward to reading all the lists this week.  There is a lot to be said about random / quirky and I think it will be interesting!

Random & Quirky

  • I'm 5'5" tall.
  • I'm picky and getting pickier (is that a word) as I get older.
  • I drink at least 1/2 gallon of herbal iced tea every day.
  • I chew ice ... yes, I know it's bad & I'm trying not to.
  • I sleep with the television on.
  • I wear contact lenses/glasses but hate my picture taken with my glasses.
  • I can't leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • I can't stand the smell of any fish . . . makes me gag!
  • I do NOT allow hot dogs in our home - absolutely hate them!
  • I have a great fear of flying in an airplane & cried on a plane.
  • I live with chronic pain from herniated discs in my lower back.
  • I had back surgery at age 19.
  • I'm not a morning person.
  • Strangely, I pick up accents of those I'm around and talking with. 
  • I'm crazy scared of bees/wasps - seriously I run!
  • I've never tried a cigarette and don't ever plan to.
  • I ran a successful online custom cloth diaper business.
  • I like having a vase of fresh flowers displayed (preferably wild flowers)
  • I don't like being in crowds of people
  • With my health issue, I pop my ears of pressure at least 100 times a day
  • I was a cheerleader in 9th grade
  • I sort of get panicky when other people are driving (since my sister died in a car accident)
  • I don't drink soda

Will you join me?

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  2. Write your list/post**
  3. Come back to the current week's list and link up your post (please use direct link to your post)
  4. Please visit the link up of the person before you and leave a comment. (I personally try to comment on everyone's blogs -- I'm not a google+/Disqus  member, so I can't leave comments on those, but I will keep trying in case you start accepting comments other ways, too.) 
**please keep family friendly 

next week's list:  list what you would spend a million$ dollar inheritance or lottery winning.

Slow Moments - Summer Ending




There wasn't many summer slow moments because we took advantage of the extra sunlight and crammed in as much as we could.  We are all ready for the long days to end and I'm awaiting the clock to fall back.

Our summer had picnics with lots of water.  Squirt guns!  We enjoyed outdoor barbecues with friends and family and ate several watermelons.

Summer and the Olympics brought red, white and blue pride and pauses to remember that we need to give thanks for our precious freedoms.

Our quaint little email Bible study group continued to encourage each other all summer long!  It's been so nice to have such a "beauty full" connection as we worked together to apply what we learned during our book study Rest Assured.  :: thank you, dear friends! ::

Each evening as I watered the garden, I looked around at our acres of dust.  I found wild flowers and little reminders that God can and does grow something beautiful from nothing.  It made me think a little deeper - He can work similarly in my life and fill it with beauty -- beauty full.