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Heartschooling Highlights - {Week 1}

We started off school very slowly.  Our first official week of school was filled with field trips.  Our next two weeks, we added in Math & Language arts and this brings us to our first week using our full program guides from Heart of Dakota and our new approach with using a Morning Basket.

Love . Love . Love .

So let me share a bit of our first week of school!

We use this time to cover Bible, Music, & Spelling from Heart of Dakota and study Composers, Artists, Health, and Worship music we sing in church.  It's going VERY well!

Monday - Composer
Tuesday - Tea Time
Wednesday - Health
Thursday - Artist
Friday - Nature Exploration






It's getting late and I will have to come back and add more to this post.  I took pictures of their notebook pages that I'd like to include, but I'm quite tired and I've put off writing this post for too long, considering at the time of sharing this post we have already completed Unit 4.  I have to share that it took me until Unit 4 to feel like I have a rhythm that runs smoothly.  It was a hard transition for me to keep the focus of slow in our days with so much going on.  I'm really looking forward to the rest of our school year!

52 lists - the wish list

Week #39

Share your Wish List

This list is the one that my family is always asking me to share when my birthday or Mother's Day rolls around.  Personally,  I don't like to spell out my "wish list" because it always feels a little selfish.  I especially have a hard time because I know that things are just things.

So, dear family, this list may help you in the future, but really it's nothing in comparison to the moments that I have my family gathered together.

  • donation to our Compassion children -- really this makes me happy
  • soft, fuzzy socks
  • soy candles
  • restaurant gift certificates - for those special date days & family fun
  • Etsy gift certificate
  • Amazon gift cards -- for the love of books
  • a family road trip
  • fresh flowers -- snap dragons, sunflowers & hydrangeas


Will you join me?

  1. Grab the free graphic below
  2. Write your list/post**
  3. Come back to the current week's list and link up your post (please use direct link to your post)
  4. Please visit the link up of the person before you and leave a comment. (I personally try to comment on everyone's blogs -- I'm not a google+/Disqus  member, so I can't leave comments on those, but I will keep trying in case you start accepting comments other ways, too.) 
**please keep family friendly 

next week's list:  List your daily routine

Tea Time {week 1}

It's the simple pause in the day.  It's intentional.  It's pinky's up, sipping flavored tea, tasting little delicacies, and reading poems together.  This is part of our . . .
simple - boxed scones from Trader Joe's
sweet -  flavored herbal teas with raw honey
poetry - Beyond Little Hearts & Preparing Hearts from Heart of Dakota
ritual -  enjoying the time each week