Rolled beeswax candles

This has been on a bucket list of mine for a while and we finally did it!  It was really easy and a handiwork project that will be used again and again in our home.  Beeswax smells so natural, burns clean, and I love how they turned out.  Our first use for them was during our Christmas quiet moments.  I now plan to use them during our morning basket time as part of our call to worship.

We used a kit and after making the first one, cut the sheets in half (long side) so that our candles are about 4 inches tall.   I felt they were a little more stable and we got twice as many this way.


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    1. I have another kit sitting here and plan to keep making them for our Morning Basket time.

  2. My daughters would love to do this! I'll have to look into the kit.

    1. You should try it! Boys would like it, too. It's really not hard and it keeps little hands busy.


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